Crossbow Strings & Cables


Stock Color Material Sizes

Two Cam

(peg loop)

Black Dacron 20" to 50"
Tear Drop Loop Black Dacron 16" to 40"
Recurve Loop Black Dacron 16" to 40"
Split Harness Black Dacron 20" to 40"
Control Cable Black Dacron 20" to 40"




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We currently stock crossbow strings to fit the three common crossbow types.  Two Cam, Tear Drop, and Recurve. All crossbow strings are built using braided .030 reinforced x-bow center serving.  Custom colored strings and cables are available.    



*  Above list consist of strings normally stocked in our warehouse.  All can be customized upon request.  






* Custom strings may require 1 to 2 days for completion.  See color chart for a list of available colors.  


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