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Oneida Eagle

Oneida Eagle Bows

Whether its target archery or bowhunting in the great outdoors, we have you covered.  Choose your bow style and we will help you find your perfect bowstring setup!

Accuracy... consistency... reliability...

This is what every archer is looking for.  With state of the art equipment along with old fashioned pride, we promise to give you the best product you can buy.

Genesis bows with custom bowstrings and cables


String and Cable Sets

OEM Spec bowstring and cable sets for all Genesis Model bows.  Choose from over a hundred different color combinations for one low price.

Check out our color finger pads for additional  customization!

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

stone mountain

For over 20 years we have been a leader in the archery industry, supplying the highest quality bowstrings and cables to all of our customers…

String Accessories

Archery accessories
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