Recurve — D97


D97 Endless Loop Bowstrings

  • Nylon End & Loop Serving
  • Bonded Nylon Center Serving
  • Recommended Strands…
    • 12 Strands = 0 – 35 lb bow
    • 14 Strands = 35 – 45 lbs bow
    • 16 Strands = 45 – 65 lbs bow
  • Loop Size…
    • Top = 1 3/4″
    • Bottom = 1 1/4″

*** Orders are placed using the Actual String Length***

Actual string length is the overall length of the string measuring end to end. 

   AMO length is commonly used in reference to the overall bow length following the curvature of the limbs. In most cases, AMO will be printed on the bow along with the peak draw weight.  Industry standard suggests a 4″ difference between the AMO length and the Actual Length for a Recurve Bow.  However, there are manufactures that use other AMO differences.  

If you are ordering from the printed information on your bow, please be sure to make the necessary AMO deduction to insure you receive the correct length string.




Weight 2 oz
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