Titanium Series Bowstring Set

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Upgrade Your Bow’s Potential with the Titanium Bowstring & Cable System

  • Crafted from both BCY’s 8125 and 452X-EV producing lighting fast speeds for the main string and maximum strength for the cables.
  • Our FRC conditioning contributes to smoother operation and reduced wear and tear on the string and cables. This feature enhances the overall lifespan of the string system.
  • Enjoy the advantage of a pre-stretched design, minimizing the break-in period and providing immediate, consistent performance right out of the package.
  • The integration of our MTS serving process, coupled with BCY’s Powergrip Ultra, delivers servings that stand the test of reliability – ensuring that they won’t slip or separate.
  • Elevate your bow’s speed to new heights, gaining a competitive edge with the increased velocity.
  • D-loop & Wax included
  • Free Noc Installation

    Our Titanium Bowstring & Cable System is designed to significantly upgrade your bow’s performance, offering a range of features that enhance speed, strength, and overall reliability. Here’s a closer look at the key components and advantages:

    1. Dual Material Construction: Crafted from both BCY’s 8125 and 452X- EV materials, the main string benefits from the speed-enhancing properties of 8125, while the cables receive the maximum strength from 452X-EV. This dual-material construction ensures a balance between high-speed performance and complete durability.
    2. Friction Reduction Conditioner:  the Titanium system infused with our FRC conditioning process. This feature contributes to smoother operation, reducing friction and minimizing wear and tear on both the string and cables. This not only enhances performance but also extends the overall lifespan of the string system.
    3. Pre-Stretched Design: The Titanium String & Cable System exemplifies our pre-stretched design, eliminating the need for a prolonged break-in period. This feature ensures that the system delivers immediate, consistent performance right out of the package. Everyone will enjoy the benefits of enhanced reliability from the start.
    4. MTS Serving Process and Powergrip Ultra: The integration of the MTS serving process, combined with BCY’s Powergrip Ultra, guarantees servings that are reliable and resistant to slipping or separating. This contributes to consistent accuracy and safety during use.
    5. Increased Velocity: Elevate your bow’s speed to new heights with the Titanium system, gaining a competitive edge through increased velocity. The optimized combination of materials and design aims to enhance the bow’s performance, providing archers with improved speed and overall efficiency.
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    Titanium Series Bowstring Set
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