If it takes a string or cable, we can build it. From the newest equipment to oldest seasoned bows, we can do it all.  All makes and models, regardless of size or difficulty.

Today’s compound bows are stronger, faster and more expensive than ever before. Precision strings and cables are a must in order for your bow to operate at peak performance. Not to mention keeping your investment from coming apart in your hands. 

We take our profession seriously and pride ourselves in providing only the best to our customers.  With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and the best customer  service in the industry,  you can rest assure that you getting only the best.        

Cross Bow

Crossbows have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Bow companies continue to develop state of the art equipment with enormous shoot strength and power. 

Whether your shooting the latest model or restringing a vintage crossbow from yesteryear, we can build it all.  Designed for extreme friction wear, our strings and cable will keep you in the field longer.     

crossbow with custom bowstrings


For hundreds of years humans have used “Stick Bows” for both hunting and competition. Today, they remain a staple in the archery industry. 

We specialize in all traditional bow types, producing both endless loop and hand made Flemish Twist  strings.  


Taking the simplest bow type and implementing state of the art materials and manufacturing has taken traditional archery to a higher level. 

With every aspect of these bow being crucial to overall consistency and performance, we make sure to leave no room for error.  With the highest grade materials, tightest servings and strongest loops, makes our Olympic strings the perfect choice.     

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