Dakota Bowstrings

The Stone Mountain “Dakota” strings and cables, constructed out of BCY™s 8125, are pre-twisted and pre-stretched under 800lbs of tension to eliminate the residual stretch experienced with all bowstrings. This process insures the strings will remain at the desired length through out the life of the product. The selected material provides for a stable string system, while maximizing speed & performance.

The servings on the “Dakota” systems are extremely tight and will not slip or separate. This unique serving process eliminates peep rotation and the need for any alignment devices, providing you with a superior and stretch free string.

The need for a higher quality string has never been greater. Each year advancements are made to improve bow speed and performance. Using a lower grade string will only inhibit a bows overall performance. By selecting a higher quality string, you maximize the bows peak performance, enhancing accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

The “Dakota” string and cable system gives you just that, Superior performance. Experience for yourself the benefits of shooting a premium Stone Mountain string and enjoy true performance.