Titanium Bowstrings

Like our Dakota system, the Titanium series Strings and Cables are pre-twisted and pre-stretched under 800 lbs. of tension. Designed for maximum stability and speed, the Titanium system combines BCY™ 8125 and 452X combined with our unique serving process. This system offers the same non-stretch, zero peep rotation quality coupled with the following features:


8125 & 452 Combination

8125 has proven itself to be the fastest and most accurate string material to date when tested equally to all other materials! We have selected this material to be the driving force behind our Titanium main string,

We have selected 452X for its ultimate non-stretch quality to be the anchor of our Titanium cables and harnesses.


Halo Armor Servings

Each string and cable is equipped with Halo serving. This reduces total friction wear, rendering a longer lasting serving with a slip free quality.


Pre-Treated with Friction Reduction Conditioner (FRC)

Each string and cable is pre-treated with FRC prior to the serving process.

This application provides additional friction reduction along with overall string protection.


Set-Up Kit Included

Each set comes complete with 1-6 length of Rhino Rope D-Loop, 1 poly heat shrink Suppressor Guard, and 1 complimentary stick of Bohning Xccelerator Wax & Conditioner.